Realm of Dhea Loral

Pilgrims with Blades: A02 Grandfather’s Castle Coming soon! (6/8/21)

As many readers may know, a lot of my characters were born in role-playing games prior to landing in my book pages. I tend to think up complex histories and delve deeply into the character’s motivations and fears. This book series, above others, attracts that crowd of gamers/readers who are looking for a “Dungeons and Dragons” feel of an adventure. I try to deliver moments as thrilling as the peak action moments of the “Lord of the Rings” work.

I still have a lot of adventures and ideas to explore with this series, but I’m happy be releasing the 2nd book in less than a month from now. The 1st book, “Pressed into Service”, forced these unlikely heroes together to face a common threat against the city of Kashmer. They were dumped into hostile lands and separated from the other bands of adventurers, forcing these strangers to work together behind enemy lines. 

I got this nice review from someone on Amazon:

…I’ve seen all kinds of people try to capture the feel of a good Dungeons and Dragons game with their writing. Some succeed, and some don’t. I am happy to say that Pressed into Service is definitely a success. A company of quirky characters, a lot of action and some intriguing world-building all work together to create a fast, fun book that I read of the course of a night. It’s even given me some ideas for my own Dungeons and Dragons games…

I know it’s been a long road between releases. PwB#1 hit in late 2017, so 3.5 years have gone by. In fact, PwB#1 was a new release when I appeared at my first convention, QuestCon, down in Mobile, Alabama. Anyways, I already have much of the next two novellas planned out. My writing speed has really picked up since my early writing years. I’ll only be slowed due to alternating with other projects, such as “Misadventures of RPG Dice”, coming out later this year. I’m also alternating books with the Storm-Mage Chronicles, which began with “Apprentice Storm Mage”. I have some more book-specific info below.

I hope these books please young readers, as well as give older fantasy vets some good nostalgia for adventures paced like the old Conan series. As with my original trilogy, “The Earthrin Stones”, I try to give all readers at least one character with which they can closely relate.

Pilgrims with Blades: A02 Grandfather’s Castle