Realm of Dhea Loral

Any fan often looks at an author and says, “When is the next one, please?”

(I’m looking at YOU Rothfuss!)

Well, I have set myself a deadline for having a finished copy of Pilgrims with Blades available. The work is progressing from a rough draft into editing. In fact, I’ll be picking some folks to have an early peek at it within the next few weeks. this way I can locate mistakes, misunderstandings, and polish things up. Of course, this is just the first novella in a long series, yet these will always be a complete story. Think of it as a “premiere episode”.

Oabnormal is starting to bring the cover together. It will feature all five group members on the cover, despite each also having a full-color poster already made up! He also has some font ideas I have to consider.

This all pushed me to set a goal for release. I plan to attend Quest-Con with my gaming guild, Grievance. I’ll even be dressing up in cosplay for the occasion. What is Quest-Con?

From their website:


Quest-Con is a multi-genre convention heavily influenced by gaming & cosplay (2 things we hold dear to our hearts).  In addition Quest-Con will not be your standard dog & pony show with a flea market that so many conventions seem to be turning into. If you’re familiar with most (not all) of the standard fare, you buy a ticket, walk around the vendor floor for a bit, check out some guests, maybe look into a couple of other things that you’re personally interested in, then you go back home and wait for the next year.  Each year is a rinse and repeat of the last with different guests.

This convention will be truly unique to the Gulf Coast area. Yes we will have some awesome guests, we will have an amazing vendor floor, we will have a huge amount of diverse gaming, we will have an unbelievable dedication to all things cosplay, but most importantly we are crafting more than just a convention. We are crafting an adventure.  Quest-Con will be an adventure that you will want to experience year after year after year, and will never grow tired or bored with!

There ya go! I plan to be there selling books and helping out around the convention. So, expect a finished version of Pilgrims with Blades by late October, if not sooner! If you can’t make it to Quest-Con, you can always order through Amazon and Kindle. If you think you’ll be in the Mobile area in October, sign up for their newsletter and drop by for a visit!