Realm of Dhea Loral

My pleasure to give everyone a big reveal today! The cover artwork of the first book in the Pilgrims with Blades series, “Pressed Into Service”, is done! Obsidian Abnormal, artist at The Ministry of Abnormality, has been working on this one for some time now. It started with individual solo posters of each protagonist. (Why did I say protagonist instead of hero? You might need to read this series and decide for yourself.)


The hard part was deciding how best to mesh the five posters onto the cover. I like the result! The cover as well as the five individual, full-size portraits will be displayed on the Pilgrims With Blades page.


Currently, I’m working with an editor to polish the book, but its intended for a release this Fall. This is a shorter story, which will combine with several other novellas into a larger story arc. Each book will be its own adventure. I plan to have them full of action! This was partly inspired by the Conan series of adventures. Each of these characters have their own mystery driving them, which will be revealed piece by piece as we move forward.


(Click the image for a larger view)

Pilgrims with Blades