Realm of Dhea Loral


Some good news for those who might want a peek at the upcoming “Pilgrims with Blades” characters!


But first, some reassurance to all my fans that my top project at the moment is “Muster of Heroes”. I’ve picked up so many fans in the past year, most of which have been eagerly awaiting the Earthrin Stones’ third book to be re-released. Rest assured, that is my top priority.


Now, we were discussing portraits. The cover artist for “The Widow Brigade”, Obsidian Abnormal, has finished the 5 portraits of Pilgrims’ main characters during his Summer commissionathlon. These will eventually be combined for the cover of “Pilgrims with Blades”. I’m going to link them here for you to enjoy! (In order that he created them). these pictures can all be found at his site,


Vallese Foxblood – The dark-skinned ranger carrying a bow from a forgotten homeland. But where is home and what strange language is she speaking? Her companions remain curious about the leopard-spot tattoos and scars on her arms.

Vallese Foxblood, “Pilgrims with Blades”


Urgosk – The half-orc barbarian who proclaims proudly his heritage with the First Hand. But who are they and why is he traveling alone? This berserker is unmatched with either axe or beer keg.

Urgosk, “Pilgrims with Blades”


Mornik Heavyboot – Priest of the God of Fire. Of all the party, this dwarf has a warm hearth and home he could return to at any time, but doesn’t. Some great search calls him to examine countless maps and dive into numerous dungeons.

Mornik Heavyboot, “Pilgrims with Blades”


Sir Cruso Lanvyrl – This knight of Diara proudly bears his family crest and regal manners. But what is a knight who pays fealty to no lord?

Sir Cruso Lanvyrl, “Pilgrims with Blades”


Allisee Lentara – This elf sorceress wields lightning as she searches for knowledge. She seems to seek some specific secret that has altered her life, but why does she hide it?

Allisee Lentara, “Pilgrims with Blades”


How far will pilgrims travel to discover who they are?