Realm of Dhea Loral

A number of new folks may be checking out my website soon, and I thought it important to update.

The current links to my books on Amazon are to the First Revision only. Those books are currently discontinued, so all that Amazon has is whatever was still left on their shelf when I cancelled with Trafford.

The updated, improved, Second Revision of The Earthrin Stones 1 of 3: Inheritance of a Sword and a Path, is undergoing the proof process now. I am checking the hardcopies made available to me for any errors. I ask folks to wait until this version is finished. It is better edited, better formatted for easy reading, and contains a map which I hadn’t been able to include in the original.

Duli’s book, The Widow Brigade, is still in the process of an artist sketching the cover. I expect this is going to take more time than I originally anticipated. I’ll update when I can.