Realm of Dhea Loral


Since doing conventions, I’ve noticed a trend. Despite whatever sales I make, there’s usually still several people who accept my business cards. A person tends to wonder how much attention browsing customers spend on you once the convention is over.

I watch my Kindle sales every few days, tracking the editions bought or the number of pages read from Kindle Unlimited books. I did note a trend. Shortly after each convention, I did have an upswing on the amount of attention spent on my books. The numbers definitely spike. So, there are people out there that may not buy an autographed book right away, but after going home and doing research, they grab an e-book version and start reading.

As I get ready to leave for NerdinOutCon in Rochester, I’m hopeful that this trend will continue. Personally, I prefer reading a paper book in my hands, signed by the author. But it’s nice to know that the convention appearance itself can have a ripple effect into online sales.