Realm of Dhea Loral

The second episode of “Swords Drawn, Guns Loaded” is now available on YouTube at

Thanks all for sharing in my stream, whether joining me live on Twitch or catching up on YouTube! My highlights this night were when I stopped to tell a story at 1:21 , and minimized the game for a bit. The game taught me a lesson there. And a few minutes later, at 1:26 , when I delivered some aggression-relieving boxing upon a zombie.

I’m now switching to every other Saturday starting this Saturday, March 28th. (Opposite of Ehgi’s “Don’t Sleep, Won’t Sleep”.) Catch us both on alternating Saturday nights at . Yes, this is a move up in the world for me, going to the new channel. So once again, see me on March 28th at 10pm CST.


PS: For those asking, “What about the first stream?” YouTube wouldn’t allow hosting of it due to a copyrighted song in the game’s music. (Pfft!) So you can find it on the original Twitch channel here: