Realm of Dhea Loral

I’m making another convention appearance this September. Headed to NerdinOut in Rochester, MN. Dates are Sept 8&9, 11-6 both days. Address below:

Graham Arena  Rochester, MN

1570 Fairgrounds Ave SE 55904

This will be my 3rd convention this year. Stop by for autographed copies of my fantasy books. This time, I’ll be sharing a booth with Christopher Schmitz, so on the program it might be under his name. He offered an invite and I’m glad to partner with him.


Christopher’s website here:

Since I’ve started conventions, I’ve been keeping track of which book sells the most at each. So far, Widow Brigade seems to narrowly beat out Pilgrims with Blades time and again. Maybe this will be different? I’ve also been fortunate that at every appearance, someone always buys the full Earthrin Stones trilogy…and I give them a discount for doing so.

If you live around Rochester, or want to check out the convention, please stop by and see me! Grab an autographed book!