Realm of Dhea Loral

A last round of rain serves as a reminder of Spring even as the air gets warm and the days stretch long.

My mind has already turned to camping trips and vacations for this Summer. It’s going to be harder to find time to write, with the kids off school and such, but I’ll manage. There is time I can use, I need to make sure I get it done.

A good thing about Summer…sleeping in! My wife allowed our youngest to spend his money on a “fart gun” when they were out shopping. He pulls the trigger and a cascade of flatulence utters forth. This is the same kid who gets to wake me up in the morning when she goes to work, so that I can get them on the school bus in time. So, put 2 and 2 together, I get woken by the “fart gun” going off in my ear most mornings. Thank goodness I may be able to sleep in more next week.

A summer in Minnesota lasts way too short a time.

Oh, and I will figure out my sneaky revenge over the whole “fart gun” alarm clock.