Realm of Dhea Loral

“Swords Drawn, Guns Loaded” is now on the main Grievance channel, ( ), every other Saturday night, opposite Ehgi’s “Don’t Sleep, Won’t sleep”. Though not at the same time as hers. I’m still broadcasting 10pm-midnight CST.

For this Saturday, March 28th, I’m going to continue running around a PVP server in H1Z1’s alpha. When last we left off, I was low on supplies but had just picked up a new recurve bow…best new drop in the game! Also, I was at the edge of the biggest city, with no telling how many territorial PCs live there.

On Saturday, if I can get a green light from the game, I will be calling in a supply drop and checking out the chaos as it comes down. I’ll also continue my zombie hunting, in the hopes of the rare quest drop that will reward me with some military equipment.

Tune in and follow the adventure!

For folks that missed it, here is the long teaser for my show: