Realm of Dhea Loral

Last night, I checked through the ratings and comments on my books at Amazon and found a wonderful surprise. It wouldn’t be enough to say that The Widow Brigade now has a streak of ten 5-star reviews. Much as that alone would make me jump for joy, that doesn’t sum up what truly got to me.

The reviewer introduced herself as a recent widow. She praised Duli and said she related to her more deeply than any other protagonist. As I read her comments, it brought me to tears. Here is her review:

i found this book right after my husband died. as a new widow, i related to the main character duli more deeply than any character i’ve ever met. reading this book has helped me grieve and i recommend it to any widow who hopes to truly embrace life. thank you to the author for being part of my healing process.

Wow, just wow. What can an author say to such praise? I don’t truly know how to express my feelings over how that made me feel.

If my fans wouldn’t mind helping me out again. Go to that review, here , and where it asks, “Was this review helpful to you?” Please say yes!