Realm of Dhea Loral

My recent promoting on Facebook and Twitter must have worked!  “The Widow Brigade” has now sold 100 copies of its audiobook version! (Don’t ask me how many physical/digital copies, that’s been in the hundreds to a thousand for some time. Which still puts it behind the “Inheritance of a Sword and a Path”, which once sold 1,000 digital copies in one Summer.) I’m happy to hit the three-digit landmark for the audio version! Duli’s story has touched many hearts, and continues to spread. A lot of people have commented on how unique the story is, taking fantasy in a new direction. I cried when I wrote parts of it. Poor Duli! I put her through so much. But she is a strong character, and attracts new followers every day.

I’m also thankful of my narrator, Darla Middlebrook, for taking on this project.

You should try it, (audio, physical, or digital), and immerse yourself in the story. And if you’ve already read and enjoyed it, how can you hold back from grabbing my other books?

Audiobook page for “The Widow Brigade”