Realm of Dhea Loral

The good news folks have been waiting years for! (Especially considering that “Muster of Heroes” released back in 2008)

“The Widow Brigade” is now available! Folks can order immediately print versions from Createspace here, or Amazon/Kindle here. The Kindle version can be pre-ordered now, but won’t be available for download until June 8th. Don’t forget! As part of Kindle Matchmaking, anyone who buys a printed copy from Amazon can download the Kindle version for free.

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As such, I’ve also updated my webpage focused on this project. Expect me to add in some artwork on the “Artists’ Concepts” page soon, from the work Obsidian Abnormal put into the cover.

If you like Duli’s tale, please respond as such in the manner of a good review on Amazon. Those reviews are the best advertisements an author can find. It’s like another person is window-shopping, and you’re there to convince them to give me a chance.

I’ll add something here that isn’t in the descriptions on “The Widow Brigade” page. Although Dhea Loral is a world of high fantasy, I always struggle to maintain good story lines and character interactions rather than try dazzling anybody with the magic. This book, Duli’s story, shies away even farther from high magic and effects. The dwarves can cast miracles, but have little interest in magic. Their human foes, on the other hand, do wield magic. However, the point is that this book features more focus on the struggles of Duli and the women of her adopted clan. For those friends of mine who typically don’t read much fantasy, I think I have a tale here that may absorb them. I’ve been honored to game alongside many women, women who can dive into these games and become just as much experts as any of us male nerds, and this story was meant to appeal to them.

Those who read The Earthrin Stones trilogy already have a good introduction into Dhea Loral. Duli’s book dives into a narrower focus within that world…one in which you don’t have to try remembering the elf gods or the tenets of paladins.

You may be surprised to hear that this story was originally supposed to be narrated by Salgor at his inn, for it also takes place years prior to the events in the trilogy. I decided to scrap that idea and let her book stand separate.

Thanks to all who have given me encouragement and support in this passion of mine! I promise, now that the kids are old enough and in school in the mornings, I will have much more time to write.