Realm of Dhea Loral

I am now the proud owner of a finalized cover page for my latest book release. “The Widow Brigade” is now a crucial step closer to completion, as you can see from the image below.

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This is probably where long-time fans shout, “About time!” Although I don’t stop writing, Duli’s story has been in my head since I created her as a character during the Open Beta of World of Warcraft. Don’t anyone go in expecting I have written a World of Warcraft book, because I have not. “The Widow Brigade”, like the Earthrin Stones trilogy, is set in the world of Dhea Loral. This work has received a lot of extra attention: I submitted it chapter by chapter to a local writer’s group, utilizing their critiques to vastly improve my storytelling.

What sets this work apart from my debut trilogy? The Earthrin Stones series is a good overall introduction to Dhea Loral, a high-fantasy world. This novel sets a more narrow focus. It is also a good drama for those friends of mine who may not consider themselves big fantasy readers, but would like a good story about a tough heroine. Duli is by no means a great hero. She is haunted by loss, surrounded by tragedy, and fighting the restraints imposed by a patriarchal society. In pursuing her own motives, she inadvertently sparks a liberation movement among the female dwarves of Tok-Maurron.

The next step? I’m finishing the work needed to put “The Widow Brigade” in printed form. It will also be readied for Kindle. The biggest wait at this point is a few weeks of filling out online forms and the shipping of proofs which I’ll need to OK. I’m headed to an event in early June in which I plan to have copies ready. Right now it’s full steam ahead to get those copies ready and make sure all the tough work is behind me. I’ve updated the page involving this story, linked below.

Thanks for your patience. I think you’ll really be struck by this tale.

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Also, I added a link on my link’s page. Check out the artist who created the cover. Obsidian Abnormal does commissions for character sketches, regularly publishes a comic, and is available for book covers. You can read specifically about his cover design in this post. I think he did a great job capturing the vision I had for Duli.