Realm of Dhea Loral

Time for another update! This summer I’m slowing down some other projects to focus on a previous, unreleased title. Yes, that means I’ve been delaying work on the next Pilgrims with Blades. So, what is this new title?

Years ago, I was asked to create a short story for a compendium with other authors. It seemed focused on Steampunk, so that’s what I wrote. I finished up and submitted a story that ran under 20,000 words. Unfortunately, the project never took off. It was indefinitely delayed, so when I asked, they allowed me to have my title back and do with it as I pleased.

“Boxer Earns His Wings” has so far been unique to my writings in that it is a Steampunk and Alternate Earth History setting, but also that it’s written in the first person. It is packed with action. The protagonist is an unwilling anti-hero, trusting in his own two fists, his brass knuckles, and his accurate revolver. A number of other flavorful characters fill in the tale.

The idea came from a summer event playing the “Savage Worlds” RPG. (Designed by Shane Lacy Hensley and Published by Pinnacle Entertainment Group.) The game system left open a lot of flexibility in creating characters. I created a hard-hitting brute named “Boxer” who also happened to be a crack shot with guns. A number of other players filled in roles such as mad scientist, gadget-bearing reporter, invisible man, bomber-jacket pilot, and others. When tasked with writing a Steampunk novel, I drew inspiration from the events of that summer gameplay. Boxer came alive in what could easily be one of a series of adventure serials.

This summer, I’m getting an editor to work on this and designing a cover to go with it. The digital age allows for shorter works to be created, so I’m pounding out the polish on this subject and getting it released soon. Some of the events I appear at have a strong Steampunk influence, so its good for me to get this short story into the daylight.