Realm of Dhea Loral

Thought I’d give everyone an update that The Earthrin Stones, Book 2 of 3: Trials of Faith is very close to release. I think I’m mostly finished with the revision, just doing some final review of appendices and maps that I plan to include in the book.

Trials of faith

The revision and release of Inheritance of a Sword and a Path brought in lots of new readers to Dhea Loral like nothing before! Those folks have been waiting anxiously for the next chapter of the series. The first book is a good standalone book by itself, but folks may have noticed the Earthrin Stones are not even named, nor do we know what Revwar and Savannah had planned. Trials of Faith delves deeper into the story arc.

Expect this second book in the trilogy to be available within the next two weeks. Of course it will be available on Kindle, as well as a free Kindle version for everyone that orders a physical copy. I’ll broadcast as soon as it appears!