Realm of Dhea Loral

I have good news for fans that have asked, two of my books have started the Audiobook process and have publishers working on the projects.


(Sometimes I’m not sure if I should start a post with “Good News Everyone”, since that phrase usually pulls up scary memories of Futurama and the crazy stuff that usually followed that announcement.)


They are going to be exclusive to Amazon/Audible/iTunes. I expect to have both finished during this Summer. Time to introduce the books you’ve been waiting for…


The Widow Brigade — The fan favorite and my strongest writing so far. It’s being narrated by Darla Middiebrook, who has quite an impressive resume of well-reviewed audiobooks.


Boxer Earns His Wings — My newest wild-west-meets-Steampunk action novella will be getting its boost from versatile voice actor Justin Davidson.


I’ll update more when I have news on exact availability!