Realm of Dhea Loral

Hello fans! Just a few updates on my book-related projects.

As some may have noticed, ads for The Widow Brigade have been popping up on Facebook.  I really believe what folks have been telling me, that this is the book that will make me famous. I have to thank numerous people world-wide that have been giving the ad a like! Of course, I love it even better when those likes turn into book purchases. Hope we see a bunch of new readers that find their way to my realm!

Trials of Faith has been on the market for a couple months. Fans have been enjoying it, but I’m still waiting to see that first review on Amazon’s page! Of course, you need to read the first in The Earthrin Stones series, Inheritance of a Sword and a Path, in order to understand the whole story properly. Needless to say, I’m also hoping one of the many fans that are following the series this far and anxiously awaiting book 3’s revision give it a good review. Hey, someone put in a nice, long review for me!

Speaking of book 3 of The Earthrin Stones trilogy, Muster of Heroes is hovering over the burner. I know I have a lot of work to do on its revision, but I’ve told myself that I need to try to hammer it into a completed form by the end of the Summer. I think I’m giving myself a tall task, but I’m pushing myself toward this goal for all my loyal fanbase. Lots of new readers have been introduced to this series in the past year, so I feel the strong need to get the final book prepared for them and available.

Work continues on Pilgrims with Blades, which will be more of a serial release of shorter stories as opposed to a large book form. Part of the reason behind my concentration on this project is the expected short length of the individual episodes. Eventually, this may become one of my longest-term projects. By dividing it up into smaller pieces than a normal book, I can approach it with the same style as perhaps Conan adventures, or some of the story compilations for the Witcher.

My Father, the Warrior, has been put aside temporarily as I focus on these last two projects. Despite that, a friend of mine showed me some 3D graphic artwork he’s been doing, and the model used bore an amazing resemblance to the female protagonist of this book. If nothing else, I am pursuing artwork for this cover.

Though most folks don’t know it, I’ve also written a short story with a Steampunk style. It’s part of a compilation of short stories written in collaboration with other writers. So far, that project has been mired down, with no release in sight. I’ve been working behind the scenes to push that project into a reality. Once I know more, I can reveal it to all of you.

Hope everyone has enjoyed this update! Thank you for your kind words and support!

Don’t forget, if you have more questions, there is a “Contact the Author” page. Never hurts to ask a question!