Realm of Dhea Loral

Just a quick update on my near-future video game streams. I usually broadcast on weekends, starting anywhere between 9:30-10pm CST and running until around midnight. The schedule is a little loose due to family life. I also may do streams during the daytime on weekdays, or late nights during the week. That’s more of a spur of the moment thing due to work hours and house responsibilities.


YouTube: “Thamin DheaLoral”

Twitch: “Thamin_T”


Tonight, 1-7-18, I’ll dive back into Undertale (Blind). I’m entering the CORE, so I should be getting near the end.

My other current projects shift between Fallout: New Vegas (Blind), and Skyrim. The latter will involve me going after the Winterhold Collage, Dovakhiin, and Civil War storylines.


Future projects are coming up…

I’ve already installed Final Fantasy 8, and will be playing that blind. (One of the few Final Fantasies which I know nothing about). I plan to get Undertale done and spend more time in both Skyrim and Fallout before I dive into this one.

Ni No Kuni 2 has had its released delayed until March. Who wouldn’t want to delve into a world molded from Studio Ghibli and with music by Joe Hisaishi?

Vampyr Will be available sometime in the Spring. An interesting choice-based game of a vampire physician, both curing and plaguing London at the same time.

The Wolf Among Us 2 will be out sometime this year. The first version was also the first game I livestreamed on my YouTube channel, and one of Telltale’s favorites!


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