Realm of Dhea Loral

A new review by a fan has popped up on Amazon’s book page. It’s another 5-star review! So far, “The Widow Brigade” has 8 reviews in total there, and all are 5 stars! I’m very happy about this news. (now if I can get more folks to rate my books on Goodreads). Oh wait…someone did! There is also a new 5-star text review on the Goodreads page as well!

The Amazon review by A Yang is as follows:

I loved the characters. I found myself getting really angry at all the men, and at the women too for accepting things as it is. I applauded all the women who fought for their rights. My heart broke for so many of the women. Overall I became quite invested in the characters, so I’m happy it ended the way that it did.

This book is about a woman named Duli who becomes a widow. Duli’s world was her husband. With him gone, she is now stuck alone in a world ruled by men. Duli has to learn how to go on living by herself. She finds meaning in the Widow’s Brigade. Duli fights for their right to fight. She fights for the men to recognize the women as their equals in war.

The Goodreads review by Alyn is as follows:

Loved it! There were a few mistakes, and I felt some things could have been gone into more like how Bandit got his name. One day he didn’t have a name, and then all of a sudden he does. The name does fit what he does on what seems like a regular basis.

This is a story about a widow who fights for women’s right to fight in the on-going war against humans. Her original goal is quite selfish, and I disliked it. But it lead to her being a leader/voice for all the women. It is what helped her grow whether she liked it or not. I loved seeing all the other widows grow along with Duli.

I’m honored by the compliments! I’m also hearing good words back from a friend of mine in Portland who is currently reading it.

Today’s a big day in other ways as well. The cover artist for Widow Brigade, Obsidian Abnormal, is doing a Twitch cast soon. He’s working on the cover of my newest project, “Pilgrims with Blades”. Maybe you can catch his Twitchcast at