Laptop Crash, Affecting Streaming

I haven’t streamed in a week or two, and there is a reason why. When I stream, I play the game and operate Open Broadcaster on my PC screen. I watch live chat from Twitch and Youtube on my laptop. Since this arrangement, however, there have been times when my laptop randomly reboots itself. It’s a known bug of Windows 10, and only seems to happen when my laptop is watching videos. By the...

Posted:27thJun, 2018

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Death of a Laptop

‘Tis a sad day here at the writer’s desk. I bought a laptop in the early 2000s, with the intent to use it as my main book-writing device. Even though I have a desk computer, the laptop allowed me to write on-the-go, between appointments, at a restaurant, or when traveling far from home. It still has Windows XP loaded on it, and some old version of Microsoft Word. The wireless broke on it...

Posted:10thDec, 2015

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