Laptop Crash, Affecting Streaming

I haven’t streamed in a week or two, and there is a reason why. When I stream, I play the game and operate Open Broadcaster on my PC screen. I watch live chat from Twitch and Youtube on my laptop. Since this arrangement, however, there have been times when my laptop randomly reboots itself. It’s a known bug of Windows 10, and only seems to happen when my laptop is watching videos. By the...

Posted:27thJun, 2018

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April 25th and May 9th “Swords Drawn, Guns Loaded” Livecast

Hello folks! Time again for my latest action-filled livestream. On both Saturdays April 25th, and May 9th, I’ll be broadcasting at 10pm-midnight CST These nights I’ll focus on Grand Theft Auto V, Online PC version that came out just recently. I won’t be playing the storyline. Just online competition, races and deathmatches, against other players. I’ve...

Posted:23rdApr, 2015

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