Year-End Thanks to Fans

  With thanks to many new fans and mailing list members, it’s been a great year! I just look at my expanding mailing list subscribers, Twitter/Facebook/Goodreads followers, and book reviewers’ praise, to realize my growing success as an author. It’s also been a big, busy writing year for me. Six major conventions, four craft fairs, two local store signings, and a weekend at the...

Posted:21stDec, 2019

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Behind the Scenes of my next WiP (Work in Progress)

It’s time to give fans and readers a glimpse into some behind-the-scenes work as an author. I’ll discuss some of the writing I’ve been doing and the things an indieauthor like myself has to track. My current project and why I chose it I currently have four books in various stages of production. Three of them have several chapters written in the first draft, and one is just an outline...

Posted:11thOct, 2019

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End of the Summer, Start of the Writing Season!

Did I just trouble anyone by declaring the end of Summer? I’m sorry. However, the boys are going back to school. I will miss them dearly, but it also means I have more time to write! (When not dodging honey-do lists.) During the Summer, we have way too much time being a family for me to keep up with my writing.   Book Projects This summer, I got a couple big accomplishments done. “The...

Posted:24thAug, 2019

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Building the “Connective Tissue” of a Book

Hello writers and readers! Today’s informative blog is aimed at both of you, but especially those who are thinking of writing. It was inspired by a scene I’m currently writing for one of my novels.   I call these particular scenes, “connective tissue”. (If there is a literary word for it, I haven’t found a good example.) Maybe it is due to my medical background, but...

Posted:25thJul, 2019

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Two Appearances Soon, Con of the North and Marscon (Feb and March)

I’ve been hard at work arranging plans for my book signings for 2019. A couple of those dates have been confirmed and are approaching fast! If you are near the Twin Cities, Minnesota, and you love big conventions, I hope to see you at either of these events. Be sure to pick up an autographed book from me if you can. If not, at least pass on this notice to your social media. If there are people...

Posted:15thDec, 2018

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Video of Me Reading at WordBrew 6

On Oct 28th, 2018, I was invited to read a sample at my first Wordbrew event. The occasion was sponsored by the Minnesota Speculative Writer’s Group, (Minnspec), as well as a few local bookstores and coffee shops, and hosted at Kieran’s Pub. I’ll include a link to the Wordbrew 6 “Lookbook”, which details the event and introduces the authors who appeared along with me. Wordbrew_6_Lookbook I...

Posted:9thDec, 2018

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End of the year Thanks and planning for 2019

The U.S.A.’s season of Thanksgiving has arrived, even though this post comes a few days afterward. In fact, I’m writing this on my 47th birthday! It’s a time to reflect on the accomplishments and blessings of the past year. Also, I have news of 2019. First of all, notice how the Dhea Loral logo includes a cornucopia? It very much resembles an old Thanksgiving table. This represents...

Posted:28thNov, 2018

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My Wrist Surgery, Sept 27, 2018

Folks have been asking about my wrist surgery, so I might as well shoot out a general blog about it. I had surgery on my dominant wrist on Sept 27th, 2018. The diagnosis was Keinbock’s Disease, a condition derived from a wrist injury that leads to a lack of blood flowing to the lunate bone. I originally injured my wrist years ago at an old job while moving a patient. It was a case in which only...

Posted:16thOct, 2018

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“Ripple” Effect of Convention Appearances

  Since doing conventions, I’ve noticed a trend. Despite whatever sales I make, there’s usually still several people who accept my business cards. A person tends to wonder how much attention browsing customers spend on you once the convention is over. I watch my Kindle sales every few days, tracking the editions bought or the number of pages read from Kindle Unlimited books. I did...

Posted:7thSep, 2018

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When you feel bad about a spelling error…

It happens. I can write and rewrite, go through a dozen editing passes, and somehow or another….a spelling error still makes it through into the book! Now, no one is immune. Even my favorite authors, guys with big names in the business, have had a misspelled word slip through. You wouldn’t believe the number of word oopsies that have already occurred typing this post, but I keep going back...

Posted:10thJul, 2018

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