How is the Writing Going?

How is the writing going? Have you sold many books? Do you make much money?   These are questions I get asked a lot by coworkers and family. I’m sure lots of fans would ask these same questions as well. I’m proud to say that I have sold more books than I’d ever realistically expect that I could without the backing of a major publisher. Every week I see more books go out. A number...

Posted:14thApr, 2017

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Musical Trailer for Dhea Loral on YouTube

I have some EXTREMELY exciting news for today! I’m just now releasing a video trailer for the world of Dhea Loral, complete with an awesome soundtrack by Pr0t0typ3. I hope new and old fans alike follow the link to check it out! It’s got pictures of my covers, a few choice reviews, and a bit of a preview of things to come this year. And of course, set to a musical piece called “The...

Posted:28thMar, 2017

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Pilgrims with Blades, 2nd book creation

Well, I just did an update about Pilgrims with Blades last week, but I have another reason to get fans excited. I talked about the premiere novella in the series, but today let’s discuss the second! After all, Pilgrims with Blades is intended to be a series. Even as the first Pilgrims with Blades is getting edited and polished, the second episode is taking shape. The name will be Grandfather’s...

Posted:24thFeb, 2017

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Muster of Heroes is sent to the Publisher!

The Earthrin Stones 3 of 3: Muster of Heroes, has been completely revised! The finished version is now on its way to the publisher! Expect some time, perhaps a few weeks, before it becomes available. That depends on how the proof looks and any corrections that need to be addressed. Of course, as before, this will be available on Kindle (and Kindle Unlimited). I will also continue to make sure that...

Posted:20thOct, 2016

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9th Straight 5-star, Widow Brigade

Another good review this morning…but, let’s set the scene properly. This past two weeks I have churned out dozens of pages in revisions to “Muster of Heroes”. I’ve got a lot of new fans eager to read that one. I’ve been in the mood to write   Then, despite the many good reviews, I end up catching a bad review on one of my books. Insert sad face here. I realize...

Posted:23rdAug, 2016

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A great review from a friend

A friend of mine contacted me recently, having read a copy of “The Widow Brigade”. People are making me blush! I just finished reading your book, Widow Brigade! Great job! Needless to say I was a bit hesitant to read it, but I’m glad I did! You are an impressive writer and the book kept me interested from start to finish! I loved how your main character was a woman! Keep up the great...

Posted:6thFeb, 2016

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6th Straight 5-star Review hits Amazon

The Widow Brigade has earned its 6th straight 5-star review on Amazon! Of course I am overjoyed to receive all this good feedback from fans. Despite my laptop biting the dust, I’ve been working hard to put in some extra hours writing.   Here is a link with the latest review at the top: (Click...

Posted:20thDec, 2015

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Death of a Laptop

‘Tis a sad day here at the writer’s desk. I bought a laptop in the early 2000s, with the intent to use it as my main book-writing device. Even though I have a desk computer, the laptop allowed me to write on-the-go, between appointments, at a restaurant, or when traveling far from home. It still has Windows XP loaded on it, and some old version of Microsoft Word. The wireless broke on it...

Posted:10thDec, 2015

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Updates on Some Book Projects

Hello fans! Just a few updates on my book-related projects. As some may have noticed, ads for The Widow Brigade have been popping up on Facebook.  I really believe what folks have been telling me, that this is the book that will make me famous. I have to thank numerous people world-wide that have been giving the ad a like! Of course, I love it even better when those likes turn into book purchases....

Posted:24thNov, 2015

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What is the Author Reading? (Sept 2015)

In the midst of writing, I still find time to read a good book. After all, all writers started as readers, right? Most of my interests revolve around the same subject I write the most about: epic fantasy. (Though I have also written a Steampunk-oriented short story and have plans for an apocalyptic future story.) There are other interests though, and this book is one of them. I’m reading Armada...

Posted:10thSep, 2015

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