An Updated Map of the Realm

Fans of the Dhea Loral realm, it’s time for a confession: the original complete map of Dhea Loral was lost decades ago! Players have been gaming in Dhea Loral since the end of the 1980s. Unfortunately, the original map went missing. Since then, I’ve made smaller maps dedicated to whatever regions the players adventured in. Also, I made smaller maps to go with my books, based on that particular...

Posted:16thMay, 2019

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Musical Trailer for Dhea Loral on YouTube

I have some EXTREMELY exciting news for today! I’m just now releasing a video trailer for the world of Dhea Loral, complete with an awesome soundtrack by Pr0t0typ3. I hope new and old fans alike follow the link to check it out! It’s got pictures of my covers, a few choice reviews, and a bit of a preview of things to come this year. And of course, set to a musical piece called “The...

Posted:28thMar, 2017

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An Odd Find on Google

Every now and then, I do a Google search of myself, my books, or “Dhea Loral”, to see what interesting things come up. I have gotten a few surprises because of this! I know that shortly after I originally released “Inheritance of a Sword and a Path”, a book someone wrote focusing on unicorns came out. To my surprise, this author knew how I described the sounds unicorns make...

Posted:1stFeb, 2017

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