Dramatic Reading of “The Widow Brigade” on YouTube

I have a new treat for my book fans today. I have been trying to expand my YouTube to assist with my writing habit, and not just use it for streaming needs. I uploaded a dramatic reading of my highest rated fantasy novel, “The Widow Brigade”.   This was certainly a first-time attempt to do anything like this. I’m shy enough that I have a hard enough time doing readings in person…doing...

Posted:2ndJan, 2018

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Tearfully Good 10th 5-star Review for Widow Brigade

Last night, I checked through the ratings and comments on my books at Amazon and found a wonderful surprise. It wouldn’t be enough to say that The Widow Brigade now has a streak of ten 5-star reviews. Much as that alone would make me jump for joy, that doesn’t sum up what truly got to me. The reviewer introduced herself as a recent widow. She praised Duli and said she related to her more...

Posted:28thJun, 2017

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How is the Writing Going?

How is the writing going? Have you sold many books? Do you make much money?   These are questions I get asked a lot by coworkers and family. I’m sure lots of fans would ask these same questions as well. I’m proud to say that I have sold more books than I’d ever realistically expect that I could without the backing of a major publisher. Every week I see more books go out. A number...

Posted:14thApr, 2017

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Having Finished Trilogy Revision in time for Holidays

  A new Holiday season is upon us. I’m grateful that after a lot of hard work, I’ve finished revising the three books in time for the Holidays. So, there it is, gift ideas! Between The Earthrin Stones trilogy, and The Widow Brigade, I’ve written a body of work of which I’m very proud! Of course, it doesn’t end there. I’ve been speed-writing more than my usual...

Posted:26thNov, 2016

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Kindle Discount on The Widow Brigade

The time is this week! Oct 3rd-9th, you can get The Widow Brigade through Kindle for a discount. This applies to both US and UK Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Widow-Brigade-Douglas-Van-Dyke-ebook/dp/B00YCQ29KW/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr= This is your chance to get the book my wife says will make me famous! It already debuted with 9 straight 5-star reviews! Don’t be the...

Posted:3rdOct, 2016

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9th Straight 5-star, Widow Brigade

Another good review this morning…but, let’s set the scene properly. This past two weeks I have churned out dozens of pages in revisions to “Muster of Heroes”. I’ve got a lot of new fans eager to read that one. I’ve been in the mood to write   Then, despite the many good reviews, I end up catching a bad review on one of my books. Insert sad face here. I realize...

Posted:23rdAug, 2016

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“Pilgrims with Blades” Portraits

  Some good news for those who might want a peek at the upcoming “Pilgrims with Blades” characters!   But first, some reassurance to all my fans that my top project at the moment is “Muster of Heroes”. I’ve picked up so many fans in the past year, most of which have been eagerly awaiting the Earthrin Stones’ third book to be re-released. Rest assured, that...

Posted:29thJul, 2016

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Widow Brigade – New 5-star reviews up!

A new review by a fan has popped up on Amazon’s book page. It’s another 5-star review! So far, “The Widow Brigade” has 8 reviews in total there, and all are 5 stars! I’m very happy about this news. (now if I can get more folks to rate my books on Goodreads). Oh wait…someone did! There is also a new 5-star text review on the Goodreads page as well! The Amazon review...

Posted:8thJul, 2016

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“The Widow Brigade” Sample Available

Most fans have bought and loved the Earthrin Stones trilogy, but not as many have checked out the book that Jen says will make me famous. In order to make it easier for folks to check it out, I’ve made a change to the Widow Brigade webpage here. It now has a direct link to download a Microsoft Word document containing the first two chapters of the book.  You can take a peek at Duli and the...

Posted:20thApr, 2016

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A great review from a friend

A friend of mine contacted me recently, having read a copy of “The Widow Brigade”. People are making me blush! I just finished reading your book, Widow Brigade! Great job! Needless to say I was a bit hesitant to read it, but I’m glad I did! You are an impressive writer and the book kept me interested from start to finish! I loved how your main character was a woman! Keep up the great...

Posted:6thFeb, 2016

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