Year-End Thanks to Fans

  With thanks to many new fans and mailing list members, it’s been a great year! I just look at my expanding mailing list subscribers, Twitter/Facebook/Goodreads followers, and book reviewers’ praise, to realize my growing success as an author. It’s also been a big, busy writing year for me. Six major conventions, four craft fairs, two local store signings, and a weekend at the...

Posted:21stDec, 2019

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Appearing at GalaxyCon, Nov 8-10. Free book drawing.

My last and certainly biggest appearance of the 2019 Author Tour 😀 is coming up November 8-10th. I’ll be at GalaxyCon, along with an impressive list of celebrities and just about every other indieauthor and artist from Minnesota that I know. I will also be offering a free, personalized book of choice to TWO lucky winners! Must submit entry forms at the convention.     Projected...

Posted:23rdOct, 2019

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How to Run a Great Convention

This last weekend I was at MSP SpringCon at the Minn State Fair Grandstand. After my fun time at that event, and the large efforts put forth by the organizers, it occurred to me some great things some conventions do to make for a wonderful event. Let’s discuss!   But first, be aware that there are conventions out there trying to make these events ultra-profitable and big business, even if they...

Posted:26thMay, 2019

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A Social Experiment with Business Cards

While making appearances with my books, I noticed a strange trend among the visitors who took my business cards. I have a business card holder that sits up front for people to take. However, at conventions and events in which I had a large table, I would spread a few loose ones in otherwise empty spots. I figured it would be more convenient depending how a person approached my booth, and more visible...

Posted:19thMar, 2019

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Follow-up Marscon, Ready for MSP Spring Con!

Follow-Up Marscon   Last weekend was my second appearance at Marscon. The snow proved to be a major factor, as it hit hard Friday and cut down on the crowds who might’ve attended. It also forced me to stay Friday night at the hotel, which meant I wouldn’t be making a profit from the convention. On the other hand, I did make use of attending some writer panels that gave me ideas. Also,...

Posted:7thMar, 2019

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2019 Convention/Appearances Schedule

If you are fans looking forward to catching me in-person, I’m listing my 2019 schedule below. I’ll be at these locations selling and autographing my works. Keep in mind, this may change during the year. A few of these conventions I’ve been to before, and plan to make regular appearances.   (C) = Confirmed appearance (U) = Unsure if I will be there or not. This can be due to many...

Posted:20thJan, 2019

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Two Appearances Soon, Con of the North and Marscon (Feb and March)

I’ve been hard at work arranging plans for my book signings for 2019. A couple of those dates have been confirmed and are approaching fast! If you are near the Twin Cities, Minnesota, and you love big conventions, I hope to see you at either of these events. Be sure to pick up an autographed book from me if you can. If not, at least pass on this notice to your social media. If there are people...

Posted:15thDec, 2018

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End of the year Thanks and planning for 2019

The U.S.A.’s season of Thanksgiving has arrived, even though this post comes a few days afterward. In fact, I’m writing this on my 47th birthday! It’s a time to reflect on the accomplishments and blessings of the past year. Also, I have news of 2019. First of all, notice how the Dhea Loral logo includes a cornucopia? It very much resembles an old Thanksgiving table. This represents...

Posted:28thNov, 2018

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“Ripple” Effect of Convention Appearances

  Since doing conventions, I’ve noticed a trend. Despite whatever sales I make, there’s usually still several people who accept my business cards. A person tends to wonder how much attention browsing customers spend on you once the convention is over. I watch my Kindle sales every few days, tracking the editions bought or the number of pages read from Kindle Unlimited books. I did...

Posted:7thSep, 2018

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Post-Event Report: Chapel Con, Albert Lea, 2018

I’m a bit overdue in reporting on my first appearance at Chapel Con. Although, bear in mind my first ever con appearance was QuestCon in Oct 2017, so all the conventions I’m hitting this year are all first time appearances. Each of them are a new experience as I take a bigger step into the world of being an indie author and getting out the door to sell my books face-to-face. Prior to Oct...

Posted:3rdAug, 2018

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