Pilgrims with Blades Cover Art

My pleasure to give everyone a big reveal today! The cover artwork of the first book in the Pilgrims with Blades series, “Pressed Into Service”, is done! Obsidian Abnormal, artist at The Ministry of Abnormality, has been working on this one for some time now. It started with individual solo posters of each protagonist. (Why did I say protagonist instead of hero? You might need to read this...

Posted:1stJun, 2017

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Character Portraits by Obsidian Abnormal

Obsidian Abnormal, the artist who did the cover of “The Widow Brigade”, is well at work designing the cover of “Pilgrims with Blades”. The cover will eventually be split into five areas covering each of the five major characters.   As a bonus, each character is getting a full portrait that will be converted to a smaller frame for the finished mosaic. He’s designing...

Posted:16thJul, 2016

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“The Widow Brigade” cover finished…now only weeks from release!

I am now the proud owner of a finalized cover page for my latest book release. “The Widow Brigade” is now a crucial step closer to completion, as you can see from the image below. (Click for a larger image) This is probably where long-time fans shout, “About time!” Although I don’t stop writing, Duli’s story has been in my head since I created her as a character...

Posted:9thMay, 2015

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Progress on “The Widow Brigade”

I believe I’ve hooked up with an artist that can at least get me some early sketches soon, and at a good price. Of course, this is for the cover of “The Widow Brigade”. Sadly, it won’t be out in time to fill any Christmas stockings, but I’m hopeful this work will be available soon.
Posted:26thNov, 2014

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