The Widow Brigade $0.99 sale until May 13th

(Click for a larger image) Just a reminder, and get the word out, “The Widow Brigade” is on sale on Kindle for just $0.99 through May 13th! It’s your cheapest option to own the fan’s favorite. Let others know as well. If you’ve already bought the book and enjoyed it, make sure you’ve given me a good review on Amazon and Goodreads! Good reviews help an Indieauthor...

Posted:9thMay, 2019

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Spring Updates 2019

    Audiobooks & Promotions   I currently have two audiobooks in production. The first is my biggest fan favorite, “The Widow Brigade”. The other is my most recent release, “Boxer Earns His Wings”. I don’t have a set date on either of these yet, but both books are well into production. I’m expecting to have some good news on release...

Posted:26thApr, 2019

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“Ripple” Effect of Convention Appearances

  Since doing conventions, I’ve noticed a trend. Despite whatever sales I make, there’s usually still several people who accept my business cards. A person tends to wonder how much attention browsing customers spend on you once the convention is over. I watch my Kindle sales every few days, tracking the editions bought or the number of pages read from Kindle Unlimited books. I did...

Posted:7thSep, 2018

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Conversion to Ingram, (Still using Createspace)

Now that the family vacation is over, I have a big project to continue. This is basically a continuation of acting on my thoughts in an earlier blog: Most of my successful book sales venues will not be affected. I sell a lot through Amazon and Kindle, so I’m keeping both of those. (My Createspace books maximize my Amazon...

Posted:25thMar, 2018

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Dramatic Reading of “The Widow Brigade” on YouTube

I have a new treat for my book fans today. I have been trying to expand my YouTube to assist with my writing habit, and not just use it for streaming needs. I uploaded a dramatic reading of my highest rated fantasy novel, “The Widow Brigade”.   This was certainly a first-time attempt to do anything like this. I’m shy enough that I have a hard enough time doing readings in person…doing...

Posted:2ndJan, 2018

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Indie-Author Navigating Choices in Self-Publishing

I’ve mentioned around this webpage and on bios before, how I’m constantly trying to navigate and contemplate the surge of indie-authors and self-publishing in a growing digital literature field. Recently, I cam face to face with some harsh consequences to my decisions. Roll back the clock to when Trafford published my books. Having had rejection after rejection, I found a company called...

Posted:27thSep, 2017

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Pilgrims with Blades now Available!

The first copies of Pilgrims with Blades: A01 Pressed into Service have arrived!   For those who have anxiously been waiting for that next read, I have it! The debut novel in the Pilgrims with Blades series, Pressed into Service, is now available! (I beat my October deadline!) Notice its home page has been moved to the published section. For those of you who live near me in the Twin Cities, Minnesota...

Posted:20thSep, 2017

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How is the Writing Going?

How is the writing going? Have you sold many books? Do you make much money?   These are questions I get asked a lot by coworkers and family. I’m sure lots of fans would ask these same questions as well. I’m proud to say that I have sold more books than I’d ever realistically expect that I could without the backing of a major publisher. Every week I see more books go out. A number...

Posted:14thApr, 2017

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“Muster of Heroes” Now Available!

“The Earthrin Stones 3 of 3: Muster of Heroes“, is now available in all formats and online stores. I had previously announced the Kindle version when it was immediately available. Now, the paperback version is listed on both and CreateSpace sites. This is the epic conclusion to my largest project. The revision features just a few added or altered scenes compared to the original....

Posted:8thNov, 2016

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Muster of Heroes Approved!

Great news folks! I have ok’d the proof of The Earthrin Stones 3 of 3: Muster of Heroes! In fact, it’s already available on Kindle! (Grab it here!) The physical copy will be listed this week, at Createspace and This will hopefully please all our newer readers that have been grabbing “Inheritance of a Sword and a Path” left and right! Need a book to settle in and enjoy...

Posted:5thNov, 2016

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