My Wrist Surgery, Sept 27, 2018

Folks have been asking about my wrist surgery, so I might as well shoot out a general blog about it. I had surgery on my dominant wrist on Sept 27th, 2018. The diagnosis was Keinbock’s Disease, a condition derived from a wrist injury that leads to a lack of blood flowing to the lunate bone. I originally injured my wrist years ago at an old job while moving a patient. It was a case in which only...

Posted:16thOct, 2018

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Sad Tale: Telltale Games has Closed

Telltale Games, we knew you for too short a time.   Last year fans were worried when Telltale Games showed signs of financial trouble, dropping about a quarter of its workforce. Now, a great band of storytellers has disbanded except the few core employees cleaning up the aftermath. A company whose website mentions “53 dogs visit our office each month” and greeted employees with “you...

Posted:22ndSep, 2018

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Laptop Crash, Affecting Streaming

I haven’t streamed in a week or two, and there is a reason why. When I stream, I play the game and operate Open Broadcaster on my PC screen. I watch live chat from Twitch and Youtube on my laptop. Since this arrangement, however, there have been times when my laptop randomly reboots itself. It’s a known bug of Windows 10, and only seems to happen when my laptop is watching videos. By the...

Posted:27thJun, 2018

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Video Game Streams Update (Jan 2018)

Just a quick update on my near-future video game streams. I usually broadcast on weekends, starting anywhere between 9:30-10pm CST and running until around midnight. The schedule is a little loose due to family life. I also may do streams during the daytime on weekdays, or late nights during the week. That’s more of a spur of the moment thing due to work hours and house responsibilities.   YouTube:...

Posted:7thJan, 2018

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Post-QuestCon Updates (Books and Gamer Streams)

Now that all the preparation and work down at Quest-Con has passed, it’s time to update fans both old and new about current projects. We’re going to cover both book projects and video game streams. Books “The Widow Brigade” proved to be the more popular seller at Quest-Con, despite the recent release of “Pilgrims with Blades: Pressed into Service.” I can’t...

Posted:26thOct, 2017

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Expanding my Streaming and Game Videos

My YouTube and Twitch channels are off the ground and running… As some may have already noticed, I’ve earnestly begun adding live streams and pre-recorded gaming videos to my channels. You Tube is by far the better resource…everything is on there! But I also broadcast to Twitch for those that favor watching videos through them. Links below. YouTube: “Thamin DheaLoral” Twitch:...

Posted:4thSep, 2017

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Game Streaming and Videos Soon, Stay Tuned!

I have a new project brewing outside of writing. I already spend a lot of free time playing video games. Folks who are no stranger to this site can find my “Swords Drawn, Guns Loaded” action series that I ran for Grievance. I’ve decided to go at it on my own now.   I watched a number of online streamers playing some popular games…even some unpopular games which proved to...

Posted:7thJun, 2017

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How is the Writing Going?

How is the writing going? Have you sold many books? Do you make much money?   These are questions I get asked a lot by coworkers and family. I’m sure lots of fans would ask these same questions as well. I’m proud to say that I have sold more books than I’d ever realistically expect that I could without the backing of a major publisher. Every week I see more books go out. A number...

Posted:14thApr, 2017

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“Swords Drawn, Guns Loaded” over 40 episodes!

Last weekend, Jan 7th 2017, I broadcast my 41st episode of “Swords Drawn, Guns Loaded”. I’ve been doing this action-packed video game show for Grievance Gaming since March 2015…so, going on 2 years soon! I have a small, but dedicated fan base who catch the live show with me, as well as offer up the views and likes on YouTube. I thank their enthusiasm! It’s a mature show,...

Posted:13thJan, 2017

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Swords Drawn, Guns Loaded Updates

I needed to update the latest “Swords Drawn, Guns Loaded” page, and pass along why the updates were scarce recently. And for those that don’t know, SDGL is an action-oriented show I Twitchcast every other Saturday night, 10pm CST-midnight, on Grievance’s Twitch channel.   And if you haven’t heard of this show, please tune in, watch...

Posted:29thSep, 2016

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