Having Finished Trilogy Revision in time for Holidays

  A new Holiday season is upon us. I’m grateful that after a lot of hard work, I’ve finished revising the three books in time for the Holidays. So, there it is, gift ideas! Between The Earthrin Stones trilogy, and The Widow Brigade, I’ve written a body of work of which I’m very proud! Of course, it doesn’t end there. I’ve been speed-writing more than my usual...

Posted:26thNov, 2016

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“Muster of Heroes” Now Available!

“The Earthrin Stones 3 of 3: Muster of Heroes“, is now available in all formats and online stores. I had previously announced the Kindle version when it was immediately available. Now, the paperback version is listed on both Amazon.com and CreateSpace sites. This is the epic conclusion to my largest project. The revision features just a few added or altered scenes compared to the original....

Posted:8thNov, 2016

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Muster of Heroes Approved!

Great news folks! I have ok’d the proof of The Earthrin Stones 3 of 3: Muster of Heroes! In fact, it’s already available on Kindle! (Grab it here!) The physical copy will be listed this week, at Createspace and Amazon.com This will hopefully please all our newer readers that have been grabbing “Inheritance of a Sword and a Path” left and right! Need a book to settle in and enjoy...

Posted:5thNov, 2016

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Updates on Some Book Projects

Hello fans! Just a few updates on my book-related projects. As some may have noticed, ads for The Widow Brigade have been popping up on Facebook.  I really believe what folks have been telling me, that this is the book that will make me famous. I have to thank numerous people world-wide that have been giving the ad a like! Of course, I love it even better when those likes turn into book purchases....

Posted:24thNov, 2015

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Trials of Faith now available!

The Earthrin Stones 2 of 3: Trials of Faith, revised version is now available! You can order the printed, or pre-order the Kindle version, (availability, Monday, Oct 5th). I’m glad to present this to all the eager new readers that enjoyed picking up Inheritance this past year. This is the sequel to Inheritance of a Sword and a Path. Follow Trestan and Katressa as the story picks up a few years...

Posted:3rdOct, 2015

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Trials of Faith update, 9-22-2015

Thought I’d give everyone an update that The Earthrin Stones, Book 2 of 3: Trials of Faith is very close to release. I think I’m mostly finished with the revision, just doing some final review of appendices and maps that I plan to include in the book. The revision and release of Inheritance of a Sword and a Path brought in lots of new readers to Dhea Loral like nothing before! Those folks...

Posted:22ndSep, 2015

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Work Progressing on Trials of Faith

I promised working on finishing the revision of Trials of Faith around the end of the summer, so it’s time for an update. Both boys have started school again, (YAY!), giving me a lot of time in the mornings to write. I’m near the end. With the extra time available, I’ll be doing my best to wrap this up soon. As with my latest Amazon releases, you’ll see a Kindle version. The...

Posted:1stSep, 2015

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Continuing Webcast, Editing

So far, I’ve hosted four of the five Twitchcasts for grievance regarding Star Citizen. The forthcoming space-centered MMORPG has surpassed 33 million in private, crowd funding. Still broadcasting live on http://www.twitch.tv/grievance , last show was yesterday, next scheduled for Nov 14th, 6pm CST and every other Saturday after. Previous shows are listed on Youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTMx_T3f9ThNeh45VmmrQQYaMef4LngH7 As...

Posted:1stDec, 2013

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