Conversion to Ingram, (Still using Createspace)

Now that the family vacation is over, I have a big project to continue. This is basically a continuation of acting on my thoughts in an earlier blog: Most of my successful book sales venues will not be affected. I sell a lot through Amazon and Kindle, so I’m keeping both of those. (My Createspace books maximize my Amazon...

Posted:25thMar, 2018

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Author Initiative show with me on Geekside Network Earning Views

A video I helped produce on Geekside Network has been channeling in the views. Zoe and myself talked about character creation, and discussed a character of his in the making during the show. We cover the many steps and considerations undertaken when designing a character for a book. Although I tend to focus fantasy, and he treads between fantasy and science fiction, these techniques could apply to...

Posted:29thOct, 2017

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Indie-Author Navigating Choices in Self-Publishing

I’ve mentioned around this webpage and on bios before, how I’m constantly trying to navigate and contemplate the surge of indie-authors and self-publishing in a growing digital literature field. Recently, I cam face to face with some harsh consequences to my decisions. Roll back the clock to when Trafford published my books. Having had rejection after rejection, I found a company called...

Posted:27thSep, 2017

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How is the Writing Going?

How is the writing going? Have you sold many books? Do you make much money?   These are questions I get asked a lot by coworkers and family. I’m sure lots of fans would ask these same questions as well. I’m proud to say that I have sold more books than I’d ever realistically expect that I could without the backing of a major publisher. Every week I see more books go out. A number...

Posted:14thApr, 2017

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Con of the North is almost here!

I am an author because I love fantasy and strange, new worlds. This weekend, I get to delve into them again! Every year, I attend Con of the North up here in Minnesota. This is a chance for me to actually run my book characters as the RPG natives from which they were born. I’m actually running Urgosk (Pilgrims with Blades) a number of times this weekend, and Lindon Taleweaver (Earthrin Stones...

Posted:14thFeb, 2017

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An Odd Find on Google

Every now and then, I do a Google search of myself, my books, or “Dhea Loral”, to see what interesting things come up. I have gotten a few surprises because of this! I know that shortly after I originally released “Inheritance of a Sword and a Path”, a book someone wrote focusing on unicorns came out. To my surprise, this author knew how I described the sounds unicorns make...

Posted:1stFeb, 2017

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Du Li competes in Olympic shooting

To my amusement, I found out there is a Chinese Olympic athlete named Du Li! (As in Duli of The Widow Brigade). Even more, her sport is shooting! Sounds like she’s pretty good at it also! Well, I guess I’ll be cheering for her! Du Li, Chinese Olympic Athlete, shooting competitions. Google link
Posted:7thAug, 2016

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Great Book Characters

Hoping folks on my Facebook share in some input here. Let’s talk book characters. Focus on ones that we feel have a lot of development, and that we can really appreciate stepping into their shoes.Whether they be a hero or an addition to the book, it has to be a character that stands out in your mind as a character you could really get into. Try to avoid any movie connections…just try to...

Posted:15thMar, 2016

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Death of a Laptop

‘Tis a sad day here at the writer’s desk. I bought a laptop in the early 2000s, with the intent to use it as my main book-writing device. Even though I have a desk computer, the laptop allowed me to write on-the-go, between appointments, at a restaurant, or when traveling far from home. It still has Windows XP loaded on it, and some old version of Microsoft Word. The wireless broke on it...

Posted:10thDec, 2015

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Lowdown published a story about me today

The Lowdown, a St Croix Valley area newspaper, featured me in a story yesterday. I had hoped to link the story, but they don’t have it up on their website: . Hopefully they will! It covered my latest book releases, and peeked into my experiences with Autism/Aspergers. There was actually a lot we discussed that never made the paper. I’m guessing...

Posted:30thOct, 2015

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