Con of the North is almost here!

I am an author because I love fantasy and strange, new worlds. This weekend, I get to delve into them again! Every year, I attend Con of the North up here in Minnesota. This is a chance for me to actually run my book characters as the RPG natives from which they were born. I’m actually running Urgosk (Pilgrims with Blades) a number of times this weekend, and Lindon Taleweaver (Earthrin Stones...

Posted:14thFeb, 2017

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An Odd Find on Google

Every now and then, I do a Google search of myself, my books, or “Dhea Loral”, to see what interesting things come up. I have gotten a few surprises because of this! I know that shortly after I originally released “Inheritance of a Sword and a Path”, a book someone wrote focusing on unicorns came out. To my surprise, this author knew how I described the sounds unicorns make...

Posted:1stFeb, 2017

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Du Li competes in Olympic shooting

To my amusement, I found out there is a Chinese Olympic athlete named Du Li! (As in Duli of The Widow Brigade). Even more, her sport is shooting! Sounds like she’s pretty good at it also! Well, I guess I’ll be cheering for her! Du Li, Chinese Olympic Athlete, shooting competitions. Google link
Posted:7thAug, 2016

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Great Book Characters

Hoping folks on my Facebook share in some input here. Let’s talk book characters. Focus on ones that we feel have a lot of development, and that we can really appreciate stepping into their shoes.Whether they be a hero or an addition to the book, it has to be a character that stands out in your mind as a character you could really get into. Try to avoid any movie connections…just try to...

Posted:15thMar, 2016

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Death of a Laptop

‘Tis a sad day here at the writer’s desk. I bought a laptop in the early 2000s, with the intent to use it as my main book-writing device. Even though I have a desk computer, the laptop allowed me to write on-the-go, between appointments, at a restaurant, or when traveling far from home. It still has Windows XP loaded on it, and some old version of Microsoft Word. The wireless broke on it...

Posted:10thDec, 2015

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Lowdown published a story about me today

The Lowdown, a St Croix Valley area newspaper, featured me in a story yesterday. I had hoped to link the story, but they don’t have it up on their website: . Hopefully they will! It covered my latest book releases, and peeked into my experiences with Autism/Aspergers. There was actually a lot we discussed that never made the paper. I’m guessing...

Posted:30thOct, 2015

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Lowdown to Run a Story on Me

I had an interview with a local newspaper recently. I’ve been told they are running the story on Oct 30th, this Friday! Catch the Lowdown, a local paper for St Croix Valley, for the story. I expect it would be on their website too: I sat down with the interviewer, Jim, at a local McDonalds and we discussed a variety of subjects. Well, still mostly focused...

Posted:19thOct, 2015

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What is the Author Reading? (Sept 2015)

In the midst of writing, I still find time to read a good book. After all, all writers started as readers, right? Most of my interests revolve around the same subject I write the most about: epic fantasy. (Though I have also written a Steampunk-oriented short story and have plans for an apocalyptic future story.) There are other interests though, and this book is one of them. I’m reading Armada...

Posted:10thSep, 2015

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Summer Begins!

A last round of rain serves as a reminder of Spring even as the air gets warm and the days stretch long. My mind has already turned to camping trips and vacations for this Summer. It’s going to be harder to find time to write, with the kids off school and such, but I’ll manage. There is time I can use, I need to make sure I get it done. A good thing about Summer…sleeping in! My wife...

Posted:4thJun, 2015

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A Resurgence in the Gaming Community

My first MMORPG was Everquest. My wife bought it for me as a present just a year after our marriage, and somehow the marriage survived.  It proved costlier than a normal game, because it wouldn’t run on my computer at the time. That was the first of a few times I had to upgrade to a new computer due to a game I wanted to play. I joined the MMO community on Halloween night, 1999, and stepped...

Posted:15thMay, 2015

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