Title in the works: “Boxer Earns His Wings”

Time for another update! This summer I’m slowing down some other projects to focus on a previous, unreleased title. Yes, that means I’ve been delaying work on the next Pilgrims with Blades. So, what is this new title? Years ago, I was asked to create a short story for a compendium with other authors. It seemed focused on Steampunk, so that’s what I wrote. I finished up and submitted...

Posted:19thJun, 2018

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Updates on Some Book Projects

Hello fans! Just a few updates on my book-related projects. As some may have noticed, ads for The Widow Brigade have been popping up on Facebook.  I really believe what folks have been telling me, that this is the book that will make me famous. I have to thank numerous people world-wide that have been giving the ad a like! Of course, I love it even better when those likes turn into book purchases....

Posted:24thNov, 2015

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Grievance Short Story in Editing Phase

I’ve been eagerly awaiting the latest news on the short story compilation from my multi-gaming guild, Grievance. The stories are now going through some editing, myself included. I’ve already paged through the recommended changes, and I’m thankful to say it’s mostly minor things. I’ve come a long way from documents that came back covered in red and crossed-out sentences....

Posted:13thJul, 2014

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